Chilly Weather Brings Out Colors

Yummy yarns from Nancy's trip to Nova Scotia

What is it about fall weather that makes us long for soft, colorful sweaters to hug us, making us feel like we are standing in a patch of sunlight?  Just to look at skeins of glowing wool gets our fingers itching to do something with them!

Be sure to note the pictures of Nancy’s “souvenirs” of her trip to Nova Scotia, a beaded bracelet, a rainbow of yarns, plus a turquoise shawl and a white ruffled scarf that she completed since her trip.

Marlene displayed a seamless jacket, using a technique she developed, dubbed as  “Shambolic” felting.  It uses irregular pieces of repurposed silk fabric from several blouses, felted together. Roving is laid across the overlapped, color-cordinated silk remnants. Felting draws up the silk, giving it a ruched effect, reducing the size of the project by half. Several members couldn’t help but examine the beautiful, seamless garmet at close hand. Marlene was asked to teach a class on the technique next summer, and has several other projects planned.

Carol, known for her love of shawls and scarves, modeled a knitted shawl in varigated apricot cotton yarn.

Susan let us try on her wool mits and admire the matching socks on her feet. She also had several skeins of handwoven Pybora yarn  and a lovely pair of brown knit socks embellished with beads.

Cathy and Mary showed mesh tote bags as a preview for the November meeting.  They also displayed “round robin” quilt tops that might serve as table toppers, once quilted. These started as a single central block, with successive borders added by other quilters.

Bev's row counter

Bev was working on navy blue socks, keeping track of her rows with a clever row counter.  She explained that the even numbers on the wooden board represent knit rows, with purls being the odd numbers. She moves the pin to the next numbered hole when she finished a row of stitches.  The board is cherry, sawn at the local saw mill where John works.

Mary showed two art quilts, one that featured precisely joined points to form a  star, narrow wedges and a curve of flying geese triangles. The other featured two red roses with a remarkable quilted background.  She felt that something was “missing” in the reverse applique rose wall hanging and asked for suggestions from the group.

The fiber guild is a great place to come for feedback on our projects, and to find a helping hand.

Show and Tell Summary

  • Marlene – Shambolic felt seamless jacket
  • Mary – round robin table topper, reverse applique rose quilt, paper pieced art quilt, mesh tote bag
  • Susan – Pygora yarn – hand spun, fingerless mitts and matching socks, beaded socks
  • Carol – Beautiful cotton shawl (summer weight) that she completed after much frustration
  • Cathy – Round robin table topper, mesh tote bag
  • Bev – Row counter, house pictures, cherry cupboards on camera – beautiful
  • Nancy -yummy yarns from Cape Breton, Prince Edwards Island
    & Nova Scotia

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About apohfibg

I am the headblogger for the fiber guild. I consider myself an art quilter and enjoy using various fibers and fabrics.
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