FAC Wall Hanging-The Gathering Part 3

FAC Silent Auction–Mardi Gras Night, Mar 3, 2012

Marlene and Cathy were the only two Fiber Guild members free to go to the Silent Auction, held on March 3, 2012 at the Elks Club in Gallipolis.  All proceeds from the auction go toward programs at the French Art Colony, where the Guild usually meets.

The ballroom was decorated in a Mardi Gras theme, with balloons, streamers, and masks everywhere. Musicians played New Orleans jazz, and an ample buffet table was spread with Cajun specialties. YUM! Some of the costumes were truly splendid–Lots of glitz and glitter!

Tables were set up along the walls with hundreds of items displayed–all donated for the auction by FAC supporters.  Each item had a bidding card with lines for successive bids, and party goers circulated, commenting on items ranging from handmade jewelry, vases, musical instruments and gift certificates to vacations at time share resorts. Items comparable to our contribution of “The Gathering” were an antique quilt and an offer for an original portrait. Marlene and I noticed there were a lot of comments and complements for our fiber wall hanging, with a steady stream of bidding over the course of the evening.

Joe, Director of FAC; Marlene, Cathy and Jody

Once the bidding was over, successful bidders paid for their purchases.  “The Gathering” was purchased by a group of friends in honor of one of their number who had recently passed.  It was presented to Jody McCalla, Managing Director of the newly opened BTS (Battlefield Technology Solutions), located in downtown Gallipolis in the former First National Bank building.

BTS creates specialized software for the Defense Department and is currently working on CrossChx, a new software to be used by pharmacies to determine if a customer is misusing prescriptions.  BTS permits the use of their rooftop for the Digital River Project antenna that supports public wireless internet connections in the Gallipolis City Park.  Bring your laptop, sit on a bench and enjoy the birdies while you surf the Net……Sweet!

Pi Day–Grand Opening for BTS on Mar 14, 2012

The grand opening of BTS was held March 14, a date chosen because it lent itself to a catchy name for the opening, “Pi Day.”  (The value of pi, 3.141416….., is used in numerous calculations, especially those having to do with curves and circles.)  True to its theme, pies from the Park Front Diner were featured, as well as locally owned Silver Bridge Coffee.

The moment one enters the BTS office, it is apparent that “The Gathering” makes a dramatic complement to the crisp grey, black and red decor.

A tour down the hallway past the offices leads to the meeting room, with “The Gathering”  creating the focal point for the room.  Jody has graciously extended “visiting privileges” to members of the Fiber Guild if we want to see “The Gathering” in its permanent location.

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