FAC Wall Hanging “The Gathering” Part 2

Putting It All Together–Feb 25-29, 2012

Even though we had the major decisions made about background and block arrangement, considerable more work was needed to give the wall hanging a unified appearance.

The rectangular wooden frame and the 9″ square blocks distributed in a grid seemed stiff, not at all representative of the organic nature of the fiber art techniques used by the Guild members. We wanted to bring in some flowing lines that would visually link the twelve blocks, and also hoped to add visual depth.

We thought using bulky hand dyed  yarn would suit our purposes.  Between meetings, Cathy made some preliminary studies using a computer program and sent the pictures out to the other members of the design committee. Nothing beats actually getting together to try out ideas, however. The yarn alone did not have the desired result.

We removed the blocks and lay out a curving line of black tulle, which began to add the visual depth we wanted. Multiple layers of tulle in some areas provided the desired depth and organic quality. Getting a birdseye view helped to see everything as a whole, and getting additional eyes on the job helped to verify we were on the right track.

Cathy began the work of sewing the tulle swirls onto the grey background, then Marlene and Cathy trimmed off the excess.  After adding a little trim along the outside edges of the tulle to give it a more finished appearance, the 12 blocks were finally put into place and the black, red and white beads added.  Cathy folded under the edges of the background for a final check.

Frameup! Feb 20-Mar 1

Meanwhile, Chuck (with a little help from a friend!) constructed the 3′ by 5′ frame and then helped Cathy staple on the fabric top.

Cathy and Chuck took the completed project to the Elks Club, just hours before the Silent Auction began. Suzy J’s felted booklet with descriptions of each members’ blocks was included in the display in the Elks Club Ballroom. Check out the slide show for more shots of the final assembly process.

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I am the headblogger for the fiber guild. I consider myself an art quilter and enjoy using various fibers and fabrics.
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