Where We Create Part 3-Marlene’s Felting Studio

Lazy Summer Afternoon on Marlene’s Deck

Warm, sunny weather added to the enjoyment of driving out to Marlene’s Lawrence County farm for our June 9, 2012 meeting.  We gathered around a big iron table, under a giant deck umbrella, to chat about past and future projects.

Marlene’s new felting studio, shown above, is a free-standing workshop attached to her home by an elevated walkway and multi-level deck. This visit marks the third in our series of “Where We Create”.

This is the interior of Marlenes workshop. Just out of sight to the left of this photo is a front loading washing machine. Ample counter space offers storage and additional worksurface.  Note the microwave and sink–this is a fully equipped studio!

Marlene’s husband Carl built her studio. He is a professor at Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

In addition to under-counter storage, there are two partial lofts at either end of the workshop for fiber and product storage for Marlene’s Felting Madness business. A restroom eliminates the need to travel back and forth from the house to answer calls of nature.

Newly arrived pre-felt for Marlene’s next show

Marlene now has a huge work table that allows her to work on much larger projects.  Since some felting materials (pre-felt, roving and silk fabric) shrink 50% and more during the felting process, her expanded work area opens up potential projects that had been impractical in her previous loft work area in her home. Marlene’s Shambolic dress is one of her largest projects to date. She began the felting process with almost the entire 6′ by 12′ work surface covered!

The multilevel deck where we met is reached from Marlene’s house via an elevated walkway and what will someday be a drawbridge.  The bridge will be helpful to conquer the steep terraine, rather than a defense against dragons or maurauding Vikings. It will allow needed  access for passage of mowing machines and other farm equipment to the back of the house.

Many of this month’s show and tell items were woven–Bev must have really given her floor loom a workout since she moved into her new house. Nancy C recently returned from Scotland, where she purchased lush yarns and handwoven tartans. (See the April post for pictures of Bev’s loom.)

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