Daytrip to Columbus Aug 11, 2012

The much-anticipated daytrip to Columbus was beautiful, and started early!  Mary P and Nancy C met in the Holzer Cancer Center Lot to drive together to Suzy’s house in the Columbus area. There they met Sherry B, Cheri B  and another friend from the Columbus area.  All six people were able to pile into Sherry’s van for stops at four locations!  (Note: there are links in this post that will open in a new window. Exit from the new window to return to this post.)

The first stop on the tour was to nearby VanStrohm Fiber Processing Mill, in South Bloomfield. For safety reasons, the group was not able to see the machinery working, but they did get a tour of all the processes in transforming a fleece to useable fiber. Interestingly, the carding operation that produced the roving was in a completely separate room to prevent flying fluff from getting into the rest of the facility. Here is a link to several pictures of the business from the Columbus Dispatch. The llamas belong to the VanStrohm family.

The VanStrohm Quilting and Fiber Studio and store is located in a nearby building. Fabric, yarns, accessories, spinning wheel, loom and Janome sewing machines are found here. Check out the link here. Besides various products for sale, there is an interesting blog and free videos.

Driving north, the travelers arrived in Dublin, where the next three stops were clustered. Knitting Temptations was located in a modern shop near the Dublin business district. The shop personnel graciously welcomed the group and gave them free rein to wander the displays of luscious yarns.  Visit the Knitting Temptations link here.

Practically next door to Knitting Temptations was the Dublin Village Tavern, where the intrepid travelers stopped for lunch. This village landmark has been around since 1889, satisfying guests with hearty tavern fare and friendly servers. Check out their link here. You can even drool over the luscious menu items!

Retracing their route toward the west brought the group to Red Rooster Quilts. Timewise, this was the focal point of the day.  Mary was in her element amidst the thousands of bolts of beautiful fabric, and others in the group were intrigued by the sewing machines with all the bells and whistles that allow computer aided embroidery designs. They even took the Gammil Statler Stitcher longarm quilting machine for a test drive! Find Red Rooster Quilts virtual store tour here.

After exhausting the allures of the Columbus fabric and fiber shops, the group returned briefly to Suzy’s house before driving to their respective homes.  Hats, mittens and socks off to Suzy for planning an enjoyable mini shop hop to the Columbus region! Click here for our route. Zoom all the way into point D, because the last few stops were very close together. B and C are right on top of each other (Dublin Village Tavern and Knitting Temptations.)


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I am the headblogger for the fiber guild. I consider myself an art quilter and enjoy using various fibers and fabrics.
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