Maya Handicraft Tour to Guatemala

 March 14-23, 2013 Tour of Guatemala Highlands

Update–this tour has unfortunately been canceled–we hope to have a future opportunity, with more advance notice!

Lake Atitilan by Liza Fourre

Lake Atitlan, Photo by Liza Fourre

Particularly at the end of our winters, my eyes are starved for color–and Guatemala is the place to fill your eyes with the color saturated sights of gardens blooming throughout the year, green volcanic mountains, painted stucco village walls, and perfect blue skies.  These colors are repeated in the intensely colored garb of the Maya people.

Recently, I found out about a wonderful opportunity to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world while learning about Guatemala fiber arts.

Dona Lidia and Cathy, photo by Chuck Clark

Dona Lidia and Cathy, photo by Chuck Clark

Art Workshops in Guatemala, a specialized educational tour company, offers tours and classes in various settings in Guatemala and elsewhere. Its director, Liza Fourre, has had more than 20 years’ experience arranging classes and tours focused on weaving, dying, painting, photography and Maya culture. Last December, she arranged a private teacher so that I could learn back strap weaving from a master Maya weaver, Lidia Tarton de Santos.

Textile market, photo by Chuck Clark

Textile market, photo by Chuck Clark

This ten day tour visits the colonial capital of Antigua, lovely Lake Atitlan and its villages, and other mountain villages that are the heartland of the Maya people. We will learn about Maya customs and handicrafts by visiting villages where the inhabitants still spin, dye and weave the intricate designs symbolic of their life and beliefs.

Alfombra-floral carpet on the cobblestone street of Antigua by Liza Fourre

Alfombra-floral carpet on the cobblestone street of Antigua, photo by Liza Fourre

One of the things that makes this tour so special is that we will be in Antigua during the Lenten season, as huge religious floats pass by, carried on the shoulders of dozens of people. We will even get to be part of the tradition, as we will construct a carpet of dyed sawdust in the path of a procession that will pass along the cobblestone street outside our hotel.

Interested?  Want to find out more?  Click here! This trip begins in only 2 months,  so time is of the essence to take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime! Contact me at, or Liza at


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