Fit to Be Tyed? Silk Tie Scrap Dye Workshop

1 Cutting Ties (1) (Medium)Mar 10, 2013  The Fiber Guild met at Mary Payne’s home to create silk scarves, dyed with random shaped scraps of silk ties. We brought ties scrounged from our husband’s closet and second-hand clothing stores.

Mary went over the process to transfer dye from ties to scarf and cautioned us that only SILK ties would release their dye. Briefly,

  • 2 Arranging Pieces on Scarf (3) (Medium)Cut the ties into pieces
  • Lay them out to completely cover half the scarf
  • Fold the scarf over the silk pieces
  • Roll it up tightly and secure with rubber bands
  • Simmer the bundle in hot water (vinegar added)
  • 3 Rolling, Binding Scarf (1) (Medium)Remove the bundle from hot water and  shake out the scraps
  • Rinse scarf in cold water
  • Blot dry and iron the now-dyed scarf

1 Cutting Ties (2) (Medium)When silk ties cost upward of $30 new, it took some steeling of nerves to make that first whack with a pair of scissors! However, Mary says the scraps can be used several times before the dye exhausts.

Mar 10 2013 Hanging Out (2) (Medium)???????????????????????????????While we waited for the scarf bundles to simmer, we shared our recent projects and ate a few snacks.  Mary’s two shepherds were available for floor retrieval duties.

Marlene showed us the galley proofs of her first book!Mar 10 2013 Marlenes Book (1) (Medium)

Enjoy the pictures!

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I am the headblogger for the fiber guild. I consider myself an art quilter and enjoy using various fibers and fabrics.
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