April Fiber Guild-Spring Has Arrived!

April 2013 Mtg (1) (Medium)April 2013 Mtg (19) (Medium)It has been ages since I updated the blog–Mea Culpa!  Since I don’t remember much of what we talked about, I’ll just say we enjoyed catching up with what we had been doing, and we talked about the upcoming Mud Dye workshop, to be held at Marlene’s farm in May. Of course, we had great things to share in the way of completed or on-going projects.

Gallia County Soil Samples, Good For Mud Dyeing?

Gallia County Soil Samples, Good For Mud Dyeing?

After the meeting, I went to the Soil and Water Office to find out about what soils might be available locally with the right mineral content to make good dyes.  Iron can make red to yellow colored soils which will color cotton material. Organic content may make a soil dark with lots of humus–great for gardens, but doesn’t make a good dye.

NApril 2013 Mtg (34) (Medium)ew members brought samples of what they had done–art weaving, in particular, broadens the collective skills of our guild. Our current active members include those who felt, spin, crochet, tat, knit, weave and quilt.  We are actively looking for new members, and could use some basket makers to round out our fiber craft repertoire!

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About apohfibg

I am the headblogger for the fiber guild. I consider myself an art quilter and enjoy using various fibers and fabrics.
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