Autumn Outing-A Day to Dye For!

P1020434 (Medium)September 27, 2013  Friday morning dawned bright and crisp, with a promise of warmth as the day progressed.  We traveled to Marlene’s farm just across the Gallia-Lawrence County line to pay around with colors.

P1020443 (Medium)

Breezy day call for rocks!

P1020424 (Medium)Marlene provided dyes, we provided our own wool yarn or (in my case) cotton fabric and we spread out on tables to experiment with anything that struck our fancy.  We had to weigh our fabric down with rocks because a breeze sprang up. Dogs (3) (Medium)Midway through the day, we stopped for a potluck lunch, with hopeful pups hanging around, of course, and finished up everything by late afternoon.

Steaming yarn in crockpot

Steaming yarn in crockpot

P1020429 (Medium)

Susan’s tri-color yarn

Personal discovery: instead of putting skeins of yarn into a simmering pot of dye, we squirted dye on the yarn, put it P1020440 (Medium)into a baggie, squeezed out the air and put it into a crock pot with some water in the bottom. As long as the plastic didn’t touch the side of the pot, it didn’t melt.

Cathy-Completed Black Values (4)(Medium)

Light – Dark Gray Value Range

P1020444 (Medium)Most of us selected sparkling colors that created a veritable rainbow of hues.  However, I was working out an exercise from an on-line dyeing class that called for creating a range of values from near white to dark gray.

P1020433 (Medium)As the day drew to a close, we took some time to sit on Marlene’s porch before packing our treasures and heading for home. We needed to rest up for the next day, Farm City Day at OO McIntire City Park!

Enjoy the photos taken as we experimented with dye!

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