Year Draws to Close-Grateful Hearts

CornicopiaNov 10, 2013 With our November meeting, our year draws to a close–we won’t meet until our winter celebration at Marlene’s in January!

Nancy's shawl, with yarn from our "Dye Day" in October

Nancy’s shawl, with yarn from our “Dye Day” in October

As was usual, we enjoyed our time together at the craft mall in Rio Grande.  Even though we were together just last month, there was plenty of catching up to do!  Some of us showed projects made from fabric or yarn dyed at the October “Dye Day” at Marlene’s.

Ed's hand woven kilt--and how to put it on!

Ed’s hand woven kilt–and how to put it on!

Nov 2013 SNT Jays Woven Kilt-Wrapping (5) (Medium)Jay showed us a length of plaid he wove, and then his wife Cheri assisted him in demonstrating how a kilt is donned.  Check out the slideshow!

We planned our Sixth Anniversary Winter Celebration, to be held Saturday January 11 at 12:30, hosted by Marlene and Carl. Also part of our annual tradition is a gift to our community. Anyone Harvest Basketwho wants to donate to the Serenity House in Gallipolis can send a check to Marlene. She will combine all the gifts and deliver it.

We are thankful for all God has given us–family, friends, health, and the time, skill and resources to make beautiful and useful gifts for those we love!

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I am the headblogger for the fiber guild. I consider myself an art quilter and enjoy using various fibers and fabrics.
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