Photo Shoot for Marlene’s Fashions

Cories Debut (Medium)Corie FieldingFeb 25, 2014 Earlier this year, Marlene needed photos of her felted fashions to put on her webpage and also to send to prospective retail stores and fiber exhibitions. A guild member provided a contact with a local student as a prospective model.

Marlene and Carl set up a photo shoot at one of our local high schools to catch first-time model Cori  before she headed off for her after-school softball practice.  Carl set up his portable photo studio in the gym, complete with backdrop. lights and reflectors to insure perfect exposures. Both Carl and Marlene took turns snapping the camera.

Cori leads a busy life, both on and off her school campus.  She is a sophomore, with a full range of activities– she loves  softball, music, dance, and any kind of artsy way to express herself.

Friends-PyramidPathway Church Drama (2)Cori is  active with her friends, church youth group and academics. However, when asked about any awards she has received, she replies, “As for achievements the only one I care to brag about is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He’s the only bragging right I have.” She gives full credit to her family for inspiring and motivating her. “I’d be no where without their love and support.”

Marlene and Kathie Confer (Medium)

Cori’s mom peers through Marlene’s viewfinder.

With her expressive face and energy, Cori captures the spirit of Marlene’s fashions. And even as a first-time model, she showed great poise and concentration, despite potential distractions from passers-by in the busy gym. Excellent job, Cori, Marlene and Carl! Visit Marlene’s website to see the final photos chosen to show of her 2014 fashions.

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