Fiber Bombing Event in Gallipolis City Park

June 12, 2014 What a week this has been!  The Gallipolis  water system broke down on Monday, leaving  residents dependent on friends on the Gallia County water system or distribution of free mini pillows of water at the public access parking area on the Ohio River. From personal experience, using bottled water for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth is one thing.  Attending to bathing and sanitary necessities is quite another!

The Finale (2) (Medium)Despite the obstacle, seven of the fiber guild members showed up Saturday morning to festoon the 20 foot street clock located on Second Avenue. Although the majority of yarn bombing occurrences appear without warning to officials, prior contact with the City Manager secured his blessing to proceed.

Yarn bombings have been discovered worldwide, when sudden displays of knitting and crochet artistry have showed up on bridges, statues, fire hydrants, fences, bike racks and even trees. The Appalachian Ohio Fiber Guild twist was to add quilted, woven and felted items to the impromptu display of fiber creations. Each participating member chose their own medium to express themselves.

Bomb Construction (32) (Medium)Guild members have been working on their 22 inch bands since January, the width needed to wrap around the clock post. Each member completed her/his piece by early May, but it took mother and daughter team Suzy and Cheri over 20 hours to sew the individual pieces together. Once joined, the length was sufficient to cover the entire pillar of the huge clock in the City Park. Extra tall step ladders were used to secure the long strip to the post, with several members participating at once to whip stitch the sides together down the post.

Bomb Suzy (Medium)A floral theme and the middle weekend in June were purposely chosen so the fiber bombing would be ready for the America in Bloom judges’ expected arrival. The Crew-cr (Medium)Last year, Gallipolis in Bloom won several prestigious national awards for the displays throughout the town.  Evidence of widespread participation and civic pride are factors in awarding recognition to a participating town.

We hope that the fiber guild’s project will delight passers-by with its color and cheery design. As can be seen by Marlene’s exuberant expression, she was fairly dancing with joy by the completion of  this year’s public service project.

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About apohfibg

I am the headblogger for the fiber guild. I consider myself an art quilter and enjoy using various fibers and fabrics.
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