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2012 Guild meetings will feature a different member’s farm, studio or craft-corner each month. We are starting to set the calendar now, and that way, we can start accumulating photos to share at “our” meeting.  A photo, plus a bit of explanatory text will be added onto this page, and links will go to a dedicated page or back to the original post. At these links, expect to see more photos showing our pasture/shelter, overall studio space, specialized work areas, storage method, even some in-progress or finished articles.

Keep checking back each month to see the updates!

Cathy’s design wall, Tin Lizzie 18 sit down quilting machine and work table

Cathy-Quilt Studio— introduced in the March 2012 post.     Along the left side of the studio is a large design wall for trying out fabric swatches or viewing in-progress art quilts.  The work table on the right expands to 4′ by 6′ for rotary cutting or packaging quilts. The two white cabinets, plus an Eastlake chest of drawers hold quilting and art supplies and Cathy’s fabric stash. The heart of the quilting studio is the 18″ Tin Lizzie sit down quilting machine.

Bev’s Floor loom in her new log home

Bev-Loom in the Room– introduced in the April 2012 post.

This photo shows the great room-combination living room, dining room and kitchen. The loom and racks by the window are laden with trays of vegetable seedlings ready to be set out in the garden when it is warm enough. Bev enjoys weaving inkle straps and placemats, and generally has a new set of brightly variegated socks on needle. Bev lives on a working farm–complete with milk cows and poultry.

Marlene’s giant work table in new log studio

Marlene-Felting Studio–introduced in the June 2012 post. Here is the link to her website for Marlene’s Felting Madness.

Angora goat on milking stand, ready to be shorn

Adell-Shearing Day at the Farm–introduced in the  September 2012 post.


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