Cathy’s Quilt Studio

Where We Create Part 1

One of the Fiber Guild 2012 goals is to share “Where We Create,” with a to visit the workshops/farms of each member. We began this circuit of member homes at webmistress Cathy Clark’s home, located on a hill overlooking Gallipolis and the Ohio River.

Guild members make future plans

Mr. Toad’s car from “Mr. Toad’s Mad Adventures”, FAC Children’s Theater April 2012

April 16, 2012 performance of “Mr Toad” at Rio Grande Elementary

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Cathy is primarily an art quilter, but also produces traditional baby quilts, as well as painting and puppet theater props. Recently, she created the scenery and some of the larger props for church and children’s theater productions. The teens of Pathway Community Church put on a Christmas and Easter play set in a mountain cabin, and Cathy produced the interior of the cabin for Christmas, then reworked the cabin and added mountain scenery for the exterior cabin setting needed for a sunrise service.

First quilting area in TV room, only 6′ x 9′

Several years ago, Cathy’s quilting activities covered 3 rooms in her house–separate areas for sewing/quilting , cutting and ironing. The sewing area at the end of the TV room was only 6′ by 9′, with very little space for storage of fabrics and supplies. When the quilt needed to be packaged, the dining room table in the next room was cleared of table setting and accumulated mail.  During the piecing phase of quilt construction,she was constantly walking back and forth between this sewing area and the laundry room ironing board, three rooms away. Great way to get exercise, though!

Constructing a 6′ by 8′ design wall of 1 ‘ insulation foam, batting and flannel. Cathy’s husband also installed several new grounded outlets.

Under the wall paper was paneling! All the grooves needed to be filled and sanded before painting.

Bedroom cleared of junk and furniture in preparation for stripping wallpaper and painting in warm colors that will glow in the morning sun.

A year ago, Cathy and her husband, Chuck, converted a bedroom storage area into a dedicated quilting studio that also serves as a painting studio and prop workshop.

New studio with piecing/quilting, cutting and pressing stations

This new studio has a mid-arm quilting machine, expandable, rolling work table for cutting fabric, a 6′ x 8′ design wall and multiple storage units.

Although she still pieces in the earlier quilting area if her husband has already gone to bed, Cathy sets up a small table in the new studio for her portable sewing machine. The work table, Cathy’s re-purposed dining room table, is on casters and can expand from 4′ square to 4′ x 6′ to allow batting to be sandwiched between backing and the completed quilt top.

The mid arm quilting machine, a Tin Lizzie 18, is a sit down model where the quilter moves the quilt by hand, rather than moving the machine over the quilt mounted onto a 10′ floor frame. This is more practical for Cathy. It takes up much less room and allows Cathy to work on several projects at once. It is easy to quickly move one quilt aside to work on another.

The room has excellent lighting–cool white bulbs in the overhead light as well as in the goose-neck floor lamp. Morning sun coming through the windows gives a warm glow to the room.

Storage units include two Sauder cabinets, two antique chests and an Eastlake highboy dresser. The cedar chests hold antique quilts from Chuck’s family. The highboy drawers have cardboard dividers to separate scraps by color.

Here are some examples of babyquilts and wallhangings Cathy has made. The “Two Doors” and “Out of the Depths” wall hangings were shown at the 2011 Sacred Threads Exhibition in Reston VA.  Go to the Gallery pages for the various years to see some of these excellent art quilts with spiritual themes.

Click on any picture to open the gallery and advance through larger pictures of each quilt. Press the small x in the upper right corner of the gallery frame or ESC to return to this page.


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