Street Clock Fiber Bomb De-Installation Postponed

Galllipolis city Park (4) (Medium)After 2 months on display in the Gallipolis City Park, the fiber guild’s first venture into the fiber bombing experience was scheduled to be taken down August 10.  But at 12 feet high, our fiber embellishment of the street clock needed a huge step-ladder to remove, and our Columbus member, owner of the ladder, was felled by a nasty summer cold.

Picnic in the Park (2) (Medium)Several other members, either by illness, family emergency or work necessity, were also unable to come.  So Nancy, Beverly, Cathy and Carol shared a picnic in the park. After enjoying the park flowers, they went to the nearby French Art Colony to see the Avant Garde Felt exhibit, featuring Marlene Gruetter and Barbara Morejon. See the previous post for an account of the opening of the exhibit and more pictures.

Cathy-Confetti Landscape for Marlene (2) (Medium)Confetti Landscape DetailCathy brought the confetti landscape “Autumn Reflections” she recently completed for Marlene, to be bartered for a felted silk jacket.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day–sharing snacks in the beautiful river-side park, concluded by the viewing of felted clothing, hats, purses and masks.  “Dinner and a Show”?

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Avant-Garde Felt Exhibit at FAC During August

Avant-Garde ArtistsFrench Art Colony (4)August 2 marked the premier of the Avant-Garde Felt Exhibit at the French Art Gallery in Gallipolis, OH, featuring the work of Barbara Morejon and our own Marlene Gruetter.

P1010344 (Medium)Marlene’s contribution to this show was her most recent Shambolic garments, hats and scarves. These are marked by easy fluidity and irregular hemlines in three colorways: “All That Jazz” (black/white);”Peachy Keen I and II” (peach); and “Wilds” (earth tones).

Morejon Gorilla (0)Barbara brought along a whole ark of animals–though singles only, no pairs.  Her imaginative felt hats, faces and sculptures included a swan, giraffe, frog, gorilla, snake, penguin, octopus and fish, as well as the felt sculptured head of her father–a remarkable likeness. Barbara gave permission to use pictures of two of her creations that have been previously published in international felting magazines.French Art Colony (1)

The photos don’t do the originals justice, of course. So visit the French Art Colony to see these beautiful, whimsical felt creations!

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Fiber Bombing Event in Gallipolis City Park

June 12, 2014 What a week this has been!  The Gallipolis  water system broke down on Monday, leaving  residents dependent on friends on the Gallia County water system or distribution of free mini pillows of water at the public access parking area on the Ohio River. From personal experience, using bottled water for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth is one thing.  Attending to bathing and sanitary necessities is quite another!

The Finale (2) (Medium)Despite the obstacle, seven of the fiber guild members showed up Saturday morning to festoon the 20 foot street clock located on Second Avenue. Although the majority of yarn bombing occurrences appear without warning to officials, prior contact with the City Manager secured his blessing to proceed.

Yarn bombings have been discovered worldwide, when sudden displays of knitting and crochet artistry have showed up on bridges, statues, fire hydrants, fences, bike racks and even trees. The Appalachian Ohio Fiber Guild twist was to add quilted, woven and felted items to the impromptu display of fiber creations. Each participating member chose their own medium to express themselves.

Bomb Construction (32) (Medium)Guild members have been working on their 22 inch bands since January, the width needed to wrap around the clock post. Each member completed her/his piece by early May, but it took mother and daughter team Suzy and Cheri over 20 hours to sew the individual pieces together. Once joined, the length was sufficient to cover the entire pillar of the huge clock in the City Park. Extra tall step ladders were used to secure the long strip to the post, with several members participating at once to whip stitch the sides together down the post.

Bomb Suzy (Medium)A floral theme and the middle weekend in June were purposely chosen so the fiber bombing would be ready for the America in Bloom judges’ expected arrival. The Crew-cr (Medium)Last year, Gallipolis in Bloom won several prestigious national awards for the displays throughout the town.  Evidence of widespread participation and civic pride are factors in awarding recognition to a participating town.

We hope that the fiber guild’s project will delight passers-by with its color and cheery design. As can be seen by Marlene’s exuberant expression, she was fairly dancing with joy by the completion of  this year’s public service project.

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Photo Shoot for Marlene’s Fashions

Cories Debut (Medium)Corie FieldingFeb 25, 2014 Earlier this year, Marlene needed photos of her felted fashions to put on her webpage and also to send to prospective retail stores and fiber exhibitions. A guild member provided a contact with a local student as a prospective model.

Marlene and Carl set up a photo shoot at one of our local high schools to catch first-time model Cori  before she headed off for her after-school softball practice.  Carl set up his portable photo studio in the gym, complete with backdrop. lights and reflectors to insure perfect exposures. Both Carl and Marlene took turns snapping the camera.

Cori leads a busy life, both on and off her school campus.  She is a sophomore, with a full range of activities– she loves  softball, music, dance, and any kind of artsy way to express herself.

Friends-PyramidPathway Church Drama (2)Cori is  active with her friends, church youth group and academics. However, when asked about any awards she has received, she replies, “As for achievements the only one I care to brag about is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He’s the only bragging right I have.” She gives full credit to her family for inspiring and motivating her. “I’d be no where without their love and support.”

Marlene and Kathie Confer (Medium)

Cori’s mom peers through Marlene’s viewfinder.

With her expressive face and energy, Cori captures the spirit of Marlene’s fashions. And even as a first-time model, she showed great poise and concentration, despite potential distractions from passers-by in the busy gym. Excellent job, Cori, Marlene and Carl! Visit Marlene’s website to see the final photos chosen to show of her 2014 fashions.

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Winter Celebration

We had our winter celebration at Maurine’s farm, a cherished tradition for the fiber guild. Looking for photos from members!  Please send to Cathy!

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Year Draws to Close-Grateful Hearts

CornicopiaNov 10, 2013 With our November meeting, our year draws to a close–we won’t meet until our winter celebration at Marlene’s in January!

Nancy's shawl, with yarn from our "Dye Day" in October

Nancy’s shawl, with yarn from our “Dye Day” in October

As was usual, we enjoyed our time together at the craft mall in Rio Grande.  Even though we were together just last month, there was plenty of catching up to do!  Some of us showed projects made from fabric or yarn dyed at the October “Dye Day” at Marlene’s.

Ed's hand woven kilt--and how to put it on!

Ed’s hand woven kilt–and how to put it on!

Nov 2013 SNT Jays Woven Kilt-Wrapping (5) (Medium)Jay showed us a length of plaid he wove, and then his wife Cheri assisted him in demonstrating how a kilt is donned.  Check out the slideshow!

We planned our Sixth Anniversary Winter Celebration, to be held Saturday January 11 at 12:30, hosted by Marlene and Carl. Also part of our annual tradition is a gift to our community. Anyone Harvest Basketwho wants to donate to the Serenity House in Gallipolis can send a check to Marlene. She will combine all the gifts and deliver it.

We are thankful for all God has given us–family, friends, health, and the time, skill and resources to make beautiful and useful gifts for those we love!

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Farm City Day at OO McIntire City Park

A Farm City Day OO McIntire Park (Medium)A Farm City Day (Medium)September 28, 2013 One of our members, Susan Dearnell, acted as point person with the sponsors of Farm City Day, the first one held at OO McIntire. Previous events were held sporadically at various farms in the county.

Great Location: Food line for pulled pork sandwiches

Great Location: Food line for pulled pork sandwiches

We arrived at our appointed location in the shelter house between a children’s playground and the food tent–What could be better! We came an hour early to be ready for the 10 AM setup and stayed until the end of the event at 4 PM.

Mud Cloth Hand Printing (1) (Medium)Felting Ugly Pumpkins (1) (Medium)Carding Wool (2) (Medium)Carding Wool (4) (Medium)Fiber guild members set up areas to represent the steps to produce a wearable garment, from carding wool, spinning it into yarn, dyeing (with natural dyes) felting dyed roving and knitting or crocheting various items of clothing. Natural Plant Dyeing (12) (Medium)Spinning (1) (Medium) Most steps had hands-on activities for children, including making mud dye hand prints on fabric, turning the carding machines, turning the walking  spinning wheel, drafting and spinning on a double treadle spinning wheel, sniffing natural dye materials and making ugly felt pumpkins.

Our Fiber Friends Shop (1) (Medium)Final stop was a table with beautiful finished handcrafts–sweaters, necklaces, purses, dyed yarns and so forth.

Some of the impressions shared by our members:

Susan Dearnell (double treadle spinning wheel): “I
had a few little boys try their hand at spinning… I would pedal for them, and I let them hold and draft the roving… they did quite good actually. And one little girl was very interested in spinning… both Jay and I worked with her, explaining what we were doing… I also let her try drafting and spinning, and she liked it.  I think one little boy was 7 and the little girl was 10.”

Carol Splete reported about 26 kids made mud cloth hand prints.

Bev Louden (carding machine): “I still think fiber guild had the best display.  Too bad there wasn’t a prize…The prize was the people that were touched by your work.”

Cathy Clark (natural dying): “One boy was impressed with the powerful smell coming from some of the plant dye materials.  Other people were amazed at the number and type of things that could be used to dye fiber and complemented the display.

“My favorite memory is a little girl, maybe 4 years old, pounding for all she was worth on her bag of soapy roving to make an ugly pumpkin!”

Check here for the photos on the Gallia Herald website.

P1020475 (Medium)

Yum! Pulled pork sandwiches, beans and cornbread!

P1020503 (Medium)Everything worked together to make the day spectacular! The hands-on exhibits for kids was a real draw, and having our shelter house in its prominent location next to food and playground helped up the participation. We gained at least one person that expressed joining the guild.

All in all–a gorgeous day and a successful effort to teach people about fiber handcrafts and our guild!

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